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From the moment we hired them, they were absolutely committed to every aspect of the project, ensuring that our funding criteria were fulfilled whilst generating new and exciting ideas. With exceptionally tight timescale to deliver significant events, they have had an instinctive understanding of what we need and always surpasses our targets.

Their integrity is of the highest standard, they are trustworthy, reliable and creative, I would not hesitate to employ them for future craftscotland projects.

Emma Walker, CEO, Craftscotland
Both Chris and I enjoyed the experience and I'm sure we'll be back in touch to progress one or all of your action points before very long
Keith Forbes, Director, Good Creative
Thank you both for this work – done superbly at such short notice. It will help us both now and in the second stage of our branding campaign in the new year. Wonderful!
Paul Gray, Director of Marketing, Cardonald College
Working with them helps us remember to focus on our longer term priorities. It genuinely feels like they are one of our own team; it's the way they managed to get into our heads, know the issues and help with the tough decisions.
Gordon Fuller, Co-Founder, FullerThomson Bar/Restaurant Group
Commissioned to assist with research, feasibility and event management of an event to attract representatives from the Scottish craft sector, in every project element they were tenacious and creative in their approach, maximising existing information, saving the project time and cost in the process and ensuring widespread attendance. They never missed a deadline and with their retailing experience, demonstrated a clear grasp of the tasks in hand and a real flair for working with people at all levels
Julie Tait, Director, Culture Sparks
An objective overview that was much needed and in the end made a tangible difference to the way we project our offer. I'd recommend this kind of external collaboration to anyone who wants to sharpen their focus and work smarter
Judy Rae, Head of Corporate Sales, GSC